A Kwik Kwestion

If I told you what was really bothering me then we’d all end up about as cheerful as Sir Bob after he checked his text figures, so instead I’ll run my next major query. In the Kwik Fit Ad, the woman says that she’s on her way to her sister’s wedding, she’s late and her mum and dad are in the back of the car.

Why isn’t her dad in the car with her sister? Shouldn’t he be giving her away? Have they had a row? Is he her step-dad and her real dad is giving her away? Also, if we accept that for some reason the sister has someone else giving her away, why are the sister, mum and dad travelling in their own car, surely as the next of kin they should be in the wedding cortege? Perhaps they’re too poor to afford one. Perhaps they’re too groovy to tip up to the wedding with a load of chauffeur driven wheels.

And another thing – what happened to Bev? (AA Car Insurance) Has she got a great part in an ITV Crime Drama and had a clash of dates? Did the ad company decide against her (wrong move if so, as she was fab). Did Kev divorce her and get another Bev? Enough.


  • I know. Perhaps Bev is actually the woman from the Kwik Fit ad’s sister and is on her honeymoon after having hastily divorced Kev who will soon to be going out with Trev! Aaghh! Stop it!!

  • Bring back the old Bev, we should start s campaign!! I’m so on the phone to the AA.

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