Fire Fire

Hertfordshire's Senior fire officer speaking at a public meeting in Radlett, 31 October 2005
I know the old boy‘s probably writing something dead erudite about tonight’s meeting with the the head of Pugh, Pugh, Barney McGrew… and so I bow to his superior doo da.

However, I would like to mention that I did get a face-to-face with the councillor whose job it is to oversee the current proposals to get rid of our Fire Station. And what did he tell me? That we were lucky he was at the meeting at all tonight because his wife had wanted to go out as well and she had been really cross with him that he had to come to our meeting.

So thank you Councillor Lloyd for so selflessly putting your duty as an elected representative of the people, for which you are paid, before your wife’s ire, in order to debate the future of our fireman’s jobs and the welfare of the people of Radlett (not to mention Borehamwood and the many surrounding villages).

Visit the Save Radlett Fire Station web site.

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