Cast Adrift

Twitter’s spluttered both nights about how dreadful Outcasts is. And it is, truly dreadful. But…I have laughed out loud at the tweets, so it’s been well worth it. Of course, watching it with only the appalling cast and woeful script for company might not be such a blast. So let me give you some highlights from Haven’s latest holiday destination to watch out for:
1. See how many times you see something orange (B&Q is clearly the go-to shop before evacuating a planet)
2. See if you can see Hermione Norris crack a smile
3. Look out for the smouldering scene at the bar with the to die for quote “I should have stabbed you when I had the chance”
4. Be comforted that teenagers are just as foul in space as they are on earth.
Oh, and as for Daniel Mays: Life on Mars, Life on Carpathia, different planets – same bad acting.

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