The Marchlands cast

How many actors are there out there? Lots I expect. Probably some that can do a passable Northern accent.  Perhaps they were all busy the day they held the audtions for Marchlands, which would explain the fucking woeful attempts by Shelley Conn and Alex Kingston (who talked like she’d taken the plum out of her mouth and replaced it with a potato) to sound like they had ever been north of Watford. Shameful. Best actor so far: the house. Loving it tho’.


  • Marchlands? Is this on some southern station? I really have never heard of it. The photo suggests that the people on the left are living in the 1950s, the ones in the middle the 70s and the ones on the right, now.

  • as soon as he pulled that kitten out from underneath his jacket I knew it was fish food

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