Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

The loss of Facebook reminds me of splitting up with someone whilst still hanging out with your mutual friends. The result is that, without your ex, nothing seems as compelling, because it was that relationship that glued everything else together. I still have Twitter, email and my blog, but somehow these other social media seem diminished, less interesting. So you overcompensate and, like hanging out with your my ex’s best mate just to feel close to him again, I’m already paying too much attention to Twitter, which just keeps coming up short.

As Cliff Richard so aptly put it, it’s these Miss You Nights that are the longest. For it’s now, at about 11.30pm that I really start to crave a quick go on FB. My dedication to the ever scrolling news feed had become increasingly slavish over the last 8 or 9 months, but it was at night that I gave the OCD’ers a run for their money in my attentiveness to every post, every change, every detail. Having unceremoniously dumped Law and Order – my steady bedtime companion for the previous five years – in favour of a heady cocktail of links to the Guardian, Spotify music and pictures of “friends” in their pomp, I’m crawling back to Olivia and Benson, ready to take the rap for my infidelity.

I wonder if I could just go on Facebook one more time? You know just to get my CD’s back.

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