Day 1 Off Facebook

Lots of nice messages, texts etc about going off of FB. I just want to clarify. I love Facebook: it crushes distance, doesn’t cost anything and you can choose who your friends are. I have left because I wanted to stop dancing attendance to it and to see what would happen to me if I did. What occurs immediately is that I am now without sin, I have not one vice…so wondering what to choose?


  • OMG, Jules… I noticed that I hadn’t had any posts from you on FB and found you on here instead. I’m actually hoping that you change your mind cool people are hard to find in this world.

    Ironic isn’t it that we joked about me being No.100 and then you delete yourself 😉

    Reasons for coming back to Facebook.

    1. All you have to do is reactivate.
    2. Bird and Bloke could use the FB platform to spread the word.
    3. People actually look forward to your posts.

    or here’s something that will make you smile:

  • Juliet Bowbrick

    Ken sorry for going without saying goodbye. Thanks for the link, I’m assuming everyone is reacting like that to my departure.

    I think for “this” to work I can’t come running back straight away, I’ve left the party, slammed the door so everyone noticed, I have to walk up and down the road for a bit first.

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