Day 7 The Empire Strikes Back

I have no idea how this has got through my firewall, clearly I’ve taken my eye off the ball, but it’s hard you know, here all by myself. Comrades stand firm, do not be cowed by this show of strength by the Empire.

“Friends, and Friends of Friends! Strange and puzzling updates have been seen in the twittering of the birds. We did not understand, so we ascended sacred Mount Zucker and made sacrifice to the Lord Orkut. We communed with the closed group of Linke-Din, even to the fourth degree. And we studied the status of the Bowk.

You may have heard tales of the Diasporites and the Iden’Ticans. They do exist, for now, but they have no profile, no friends. No one sees their notifications. They are lambent. They will wink out with no flash. Do not be alarmed or afraid. All is well. Stay in your Places. Organise your Events.Neglect not the holy rituals of Sha’Re, Li-Ke and Ch’at. Be four square.

Do not flickr.
Do not detonate.
May the F’ass be with you”

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  • I’ve got a mate, right, who’s working on a bridge. They can block access to the API, but they can’t block screen-scraping… (translation: tomorrow is coming, puny Twitter Team, and there is no escape! BWAAAhahaha.)

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