Day 3 The Hardest Button To Button

Today was really difficult, I could hardly stop crying over the loss of Facebook, several times I went as far as typing my login.

Only joking. I’m not addicted. I’ve given up easily. Don’t even miss it.

Actually the truth lies somewhere in between, but whatever pangs I may have felt today, I anaesthetised myself using the seasoned addict’s practice of replacing one drug with another. I got pissed, choosing as my drinking partner a Facebook friend who I haven’t seen in the flesh for 15 years. Several blurry hours later, standing at Kentish Town station, watching trains passing, not realising they were ones I should be getting on, I read a comment on this blog which debated how long it would be till I gave in and came back.

Using Facebook is hard to give up, while it’s slinging itself on every website corner, whistling to you to come over and give it a try. Even Facebook addiction websites have the blue ‘F’ button, grinning at you like some little Hopper off the Wire, ready to deal you a wrap of social networking – to give you what you need.

So how easy is it for you to get help, if like me, you’re trying to go Cold Turkey? Here’s a couple of sites I don’t recommend you use if you’re after a cure.

Harry Potter lookalike with birdsong and pebbledash cures you using a wanking gesture

This bloke uses a technique called EFT which as well as being, according to Princeton’s Wordnet “a newt in its terrestrial stage of development”, is also an ‘Emotional Freedom Technique’. I didn’t really listen properly as I was too fascinated with his hand signals and the really loud bird singing off camera. But I think that if you tap your head and your nose and any other bit of your body and say “I deeply and completely forgive and love myself” you get cured. See, told you it was about wanking.

Sad couple with no friends cure themselves

Cheerily, 43 people have already recommended this site on Facebook and the “like” button sits right at the top of the article. I haven’t even bothered to find out how this couple cured themselves, but what I loved was the story of how they’d been on some big trip to Asia and had spent hours posting up their holiday pics only to find that “We’re sharing all these pictures on Facebook and we were waiting on a “like” or a comment and we never really got one.” says Jenn. Seems to me their problem is less to do with addiction and more to do with the fact no-one gave a toss about their holiday or them. Good job they have each other.

Desktop Re-hab

Popping up like veritable Priorys, sites like Leechblock allow you to moderate the time you spend on Facebook. Warning for any wannabe FB quitters: make sure you’re disciplined reading this article as it has massive links to FB both top and bottom.

So, friends, I’m off to hunt down a quick hit on Twitter, it’s not as good as a line of Facebook, but it keeps the DTs at bay. By the way, if you like what you’ve read, don’t forget to click the blue ‘F’ button at the bottom of this page.

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  • I’m publishing this on Reddit to share with my mates. I’ll just use your title as the name for your link. As I’m just learning I’m not really certain I agree with everything you’ve published yet you do present a good point.

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