Day 6 Where the fuck is my sponsor?

Sorry to all the purists out there for mixing addict and revolutionary metaphors.

However such is the resolution of the dissident, that I crept back over the wall and went as far as this. It’s fucking lonely in this cave.


  • The Left-Shoulder Lucifer

    I notice you’ve checked “Keep me logged in”.

    Go on. Tighten the tourniquet, slap the vein, stick the fucking spike in and squeeze. Warmth. Comfort. Security. Rushing on the run. Feel just like Jesus’ son.

    Imagine the hit after 5 days abstinence; the joy of seeing all your junkie mates again in the virtual shooting gallery. Well, truth be told, everyone’s forgotten you, but think of all the fun you can have making new friends.

    You’ve seen how dimly lit the cave is, damp, musty; flaccid, translucent, primordial creatures wriggling in your peripheral vision, scuttling down Watling St. The horror! The horror!

  • Juliet Bowbrick

    I went in. Seeing as no-one will read these comments I can tell you I went in. It was fucking glorious.

    And you know, your post has turned me on, badly, write more I need it.

  • Go on girl just take one little bite of the apple 😉

  • Juliet Bowbrick

    Good god almighty, how many snakes are there in the trees in Eden?

  • Never mind the snakes just put your foot on the ladder the only way is up 😉

  • Juliet Bowbrick

    Here’s a thought, why don’t you lot join me?

  • Ouch, that would be like taking my ciggies off me. I’d be all moody and not know what to do with myself. Plus, I’ll admit I’m very much an internet junky.

    I must admit though I’ve recently reviewed my entire friends list on Facebook and really trimmed it down which has made finding the posts I really want to see a LOT easier. This decision was prompted from a post that you made with your whitewall list of names.

  • we are all waiting.

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