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What is Adwords CTR?

AdWords is an advertising platform by Google. It allows marketers to easily upload adverts in various placements, such as the Google search engine results page. Unlike SEO, PPC results are instant.
CTR is short for “Click through rate”. Click through rate is the rate at which visitors engage with the advert. For example, if 100 people saw your advert and 3 people clicked through, then you would have a CTR of 3%
This short article covers the top five solid ways to improve CTR and dominate AdWords campaigns.

1) Take advantage of Ad Extensions

There are various types of ad extensions, which can help improve click through rates.

Call extensions

If an adverts objective is to drum up phone calls, the ad call extension would be perfect. This allows you to display a number, which can be easily called directly from the SERP. This ease of use means that CTR will increase on average.

Sitelink ad extensions

This allows you to input up to four additional links underneath your advert. This is great as it gives four more opportunities for a visitor to find the information that is most relevant to them, therefore increasing CTR.

Review extensions

This allows you to link up your advert with your review score, either on Google or third party extensions such as Trustpilot. This particularly handy if you are selling products. A good 4/5 star review will attract people’s eyes and encourage engagement. An eye catchy positive review will always improve click through rates

2) Get creative with your writing

The purpose of an advert is to stand out. You are directly competing with other marketers. This is why you need to think outside of the box when creating your advert copy. Keep it informative, relevant yet engaging. We recommended you conduct split testing to determine what works, and what does not.

3) Capitalize Every Word In Your Title

Including a capital letter on the start of every word in your title has been proven to yield a higher click through rate. Take advantage of this simple trick and benefit from the results.
BEFORE- cat food – now with free cat bowl!
AFTER- Cat Food – Now With Free Cat Bowl!
Simple, but effective.

4) Make the advert display URL relatable

Did you know you can change the display URL to show a URL that does not actually exist on your website? This is extremely handy for CTR as the keyword in the URL can be changed to match the targeted keyword. This can help with CTR, as relevance encourages more clicks

5) Include symbols in your advert

An advert with symbols is more likely to grab the attention of a viewer over those that do not. This does not mean you should use them for no reason, however you should always use them when an opportunity arises. For example, a trademark symbol could stand out and lead to more clicks.