Howe Robinson Partners

Website Design and Graphic Design for Legacy Shipbroking Firm

Project Overview

Howe Robinson Partners stands as a beacon in the maritime industry, boasting a legacy as one of the oldest, largest, and most esteemed shipbroking firms worldwide. Committed to their trusted partners, the company remains privately owned, ensuring unwavering focus on meeting their clients’ unique needs. The consolidation of Howe Robinson Group and the Shipping division of ICAP plc in April 2015 resulted in the birth of a maritime powerhouse – one of the largest privately owned shipbroking houses globally. The project involved leveraging statistics and infographics to offer valuable insights, along with developing a custom searchable staff contact index.

Project Highlights

  • Create custom Staff Directory
  • List of Offices with Interactive Map
  • Define unique services
  • Illustrate size of operation
  • Use of data and infographcs


Several challenges were identified at the outset of the project:

  1. Legacy and Leadership: Communicating Howe Robinson Partners’ status as one of the industry’s oldest, largest, and most reputable shipbroking firms, showcasing their leadership in the field.
  2. Merger Integration: Effectively integrating the two merging entities – Howe Robinson Group and ICAP plc’s Shipping division – while preserving the strengths of both and creating a unified identity.
  3. Focus on Trusted Partners: Highlighting their unwavering commitment to their trusted partners, emphasizing the personalized service and tailored solutions they provide.
  4. Information Accessibility: Ensuring that valuable company statistics and staff contact information were easily accessible for clients and partners.


Our approach was comprehensive and detail-oriented:

  1. Legacy Showcasing: The website design and content emphasized Howe Robinson Partners’ esteemed legacy, reinforcing their position as an industry pioneer.
  2. Merger Highlights: Through clear messaging and visual elements, we showcased the merger’s significance, emphasizing how it combined the strengths of both entities to create a maritime powerhouse.
  3. Partner-Centric Approach: The content was tailored to highlight their unwavering focus on trusted partners, communicating the personalized service and bespoke solutions they provide.
  4. Data-Driven Insights: We utilized statistics and infographics to provide valuable insights into Howe Robinson Partners’ performance and industry impact, adding depth to their profile.
  5. Custom Staff Contact Index: We developed a searchable staff contact index, ensuring that clients and partners could easily find and connect with the right team members.

Howe Robinson Partners 

Howe Robinson Partners 

Howe Robinson Partners 

Howe Robinson Partners 

Howe Robinson Partners 

The Results

Collaboration with Howe Robinson Partners led to the following achievements:

  1. Elevated Legacy Representation: The website effectively communicated Howe Robinson Partners’ prestigious legacy, reinforcing their position as a global leader in shipbroking.
  2. Merger Significance Highlighted: Clear messaging and visual elements showcased the merger’s impact, illustrating how it united the strengths of two industry giants.
  3. Partner-Centric Communication: The content emphasized Howe Robinson Partners’ commitment to trusted partners, demonstrating their dedication to personalized service.
  4. Data-Driven Insights Provided: Utilizing statistics and infographics, valuable insights into Howe Robinson Partners’ performance and industry impact were presented.
  5. Streamlined Contact Accessibility: The custom searchable staff contact index ensured that clients and partners could easily connect with the right team members, enhancing communication efficiency.

In conclusion, the website transformation for Howe Robinson Partners successfully communicated their legacy, merger significance, and partner-centric approach. The result was an informative, user-friendly platform that positioned Howe Robinson Partners as a global leader in shipbroking, ready to provide tailored solutions to their trusted partners.