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We are Bird. A multi award winning SEO Agency. We are based in the UK with offices worldwide.

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SEO Portal – Project Tracking Tool

In a world where SEO is crucial for online success, Bird introduces its SEO Portal, a top-notch tool designed to help you keep track of your SEO performance easily and efficiently. Built with the latest technology, the Bird SEO Portal provides a complete set of features you’ll need to monitor important areas like keyword rankings, page optimisation, and backlinks.

Designed with all types of clients in mind, from small businesses to large enterprises, Bird SEO Portal is a versatile tool. Whether you’re a business owner, a marketing executive, or run a website, the portal gives you the insights and strategies you need to get ahead in the digital marketplace.

Keyword Rank Tracking

  • Timely Insights: The Bird SEO Portal performs scheduled scans of SERPs every 14 days, ensuring you’re not left in the dark about your online standing.
  • Strategic Alignment: Regular updates on keyword performance enable you to adjust your SEO strategies effectively.
  • Visibility Focus: By concentrating on keyword rankings, Bird provides a focused lens on one of the most crucial aspects of online visibility.

Page Optimisation

  • Customised Recommendations: The platform’s analysis tailors advice to your unique on-page elements, ensuring relevant and actionable optimisation tips.
  • Holistic Approach: Bird looks at a wide array of on-page factors, providing a well-rounded view of areas that require attention.
  • Performance Uplift: Improved on-page SEO can lead to better user engagement and higher search engine rankings.

Backlink Management

  • Trusted Sources: Through integration with respected platforms like Majestic and Moz, Bird assures high-quality backlink data.
  • Reliability Assessment: Each backlink is evaluated for its trustworthiness and contribution to your site’s authority.
  • Strategic Planning: Insights into your backlink profile allow for targeted link-building strategies.

Performance Metrics

  • Data-Driven Decisions: Customised, bi-weekly reports bring forth Key Performance Indicators to guide your SEO activities.
  • Insight Depth: In addition to surface metrics, the portal provides nuanced insights that are indispensable for advanced SEO strategies.
  • Adaptive Reporting: The metrics can be customised to suit your specific needs, allowing for greater focus on areas of interest.


  • Growth-Oriented: As your business grows, Bird SEO Portal scales effortlessly to meet increased demands.
  • Modular Features: Additional functionalities can be integrated as needed, ensuring that the platform evolves with your needs.
  • Efficiency Uncompromised: The portal maintains high performance levels even as your business demands multiply.

Competitor Rankings

  • Competitive Awareness: Keep tabs on how you compare with industry competitors directly within the portal.
  • Strategic Adjustments: Real-time competitor data allow for immediate strategy shifts to outperform your rivals.
  • Benchmarking: Utilise this data as a benchmark to set realistic and challenging goals for your own SEO strategy.

Operational Efficiency: How We Use Bird SEO Portal

Bird has built its reputation on delivering high-quality, innovative solutions through structured and proven operational frameworks. Our SEO Portal embodies these principles, functioning as an integrated project management tool that excels in SEO performance tracking and reporting. Internally, our teams have honed systems and processes that work in concert with the Bird SEO Portal, focusing on optimising workflow and enhancing end results.

Introducing Bird SEO Portal – Your Integrated SEO Project Management Solution

Bird is renowned for offering top-notch, innovative solutions underpinned by rigorous and well-established operational methodologies. Our SEO Portal serves as the epitome of this ethos, functioning as an all-encompassing project management tool specialised in monitoring and reporting SEO performance. Within our organisation, we have meticulously refined systems and processes that seamlessly synergise with the Bird SEO Portal, all aimed at streamlining workflows and elevating the quality of deliverables.

Our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in us winning the prestigious Clutch Top Digital Agency Award.

By consistently delivering innovative solutions and driving client success, we were thrilled to earn the Good Firms Top Digital Agencies Award.

Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction led to our company being recognised with the Manifest Top Digital Agencies Award.

Our expertise in crafting effective B2B marketing strategies earned us the coveted Design Rush Best B2B Digital Marketing Agency Award.

Our team’s creativity and outstanding interactive solutions were recognised with a prestigious award from the Top Interactive Agencies, solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Customer-Centric Advantages: How Bird SEO Portal Benefits You

In today’s highly competitive online environment, Bird SEO Portal serves as your unyielding partner. Tailored to meet the various needs of business owners, startups, and enterprises, Bird focuses on delivering unparalleled advantages as an award-winning, UK-based company:

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Utilise real-time analytics and actionable insights to guide your SEO strategy.
  • Time Efficiency: Automated systems and processes free you to concentrate on strategic aspects, rather than getting bogged down in details.
  • Financial Efficacy: Benefit from a pricing model that’s both scalable and flexible, meeting your budget without compromising quality.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Stay ahead of the competition with in-depth market analysis and keyword ranking reports.
  • Bespoke Features: The portal adapts to the unique requirements of your business, regardless of its size or sector.






Frequently Asked Questions about Bird SEO Portal

Below are some commonly asked questions about the SEO Portal.

What Is Bird SEO Portal?

Bird SEO Portal is a state-of-the-art, comprehensive project management tool designed to help you effectively track and manage your SEO performance metrics. Developed by our award-winning, UK-based team, the platform caters to businesses of all sizes and verticals.

How Does Bird SEO Portal Track Keyword Rankings?

Bird SEO Portal provides updates rankings every 14 days to provide monitoring and tracking of keyword rankings across various search engines, offering you a granular perspective of your online visibility.

What Sets Bird SEO Portal Apart from Competing Tools?

Bird SEO Portal stands out by integrating advanced analytics to offer unparalleled, actionable insights into your SEO strategy.

Is Bird SEO Portal Suitable for Small Businesses?

Absolutely. Bird SEO Portal is designed with scalability in mind, making it an ideal solution for small businesses looking to grow their online presence without incurring excessive costs.

How Can Bird SEO Portal Assist in Backlink Management?

Through advanced crawlers and sentiment analysis, the platform scrutinises the health and reliability of existing backlinks, aiding in the cultivation of a robust backlink profile.

What Metrics Can Bird SEO Portal Provide?

Bird SEO Portal offers a range of performance metrics, including but not limited to, keyword rankings, click-through rates, backlink quality, and page optimisation scores.

How Can I Access Bird SEO Portal?

Bird takes care of the technical intricacies by adding your project to the SEO Portal for you. Once set up, login credentials are shared, providing you immediate and hassle-free access to the platform’s comprehensive features.

What Security Measures Are in Place for Bird SEO Portal?

Rest assured, Bird SEO Portal adheres to stringent data security protocols, to protect your information.

How Can Bird SEO Portal Scale as My Business Grows?

Designed with future-proof scalability in mind, Bird SEO Portal can adapt to your evolving business needs, offering increased tracking capabilities based off your budget.

How Long Do I Have Access to Bird SEO Portal?

As long as your project is actively running, you will have continuous access to the Bird SEO Portal. This ensures that you can take full advantage of the platform’s features throughout the duration of your project.

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