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Pay Monthly Websites

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We are Bird. A multi award winning Web Design Company. We are based in the UK with offices worldwide.

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Business Start Up Website Plans .

Website Pay Monthly

For Startups & Entrepreneurs.

At Bird, we recognise the essence of a swift and comprehensive start-up process, underpinning your entrepreneurial journey with tools crafted to excellence. Our Pay monthly websites and business start up plans offer more than mere functionality; it’s a robust symbiosis of aesthetics, responsiveness, and performance. From meticulous web design to the intricate elements of SEO-friendly websites, we extend the bridge that connects your business vision with real-world execution.

Website Design

  • Bespoke Experience: Tailored design ensures alignment with specific business goals and audience needs.
  • Adaptive Performance: Dynamic balance of aesthetics and functionality caters to a wide range of devices and user preferences.
  • Competitive Edge: Custom development provides a unique online presence, setting the business apart from competitors.

Custom Email Domain

  • Professionalism: Elevates brand credibility and authority in client interactions.
  • Branding: Serves as ongoing brand promotion in every email sent.
  • Enhanced Security: Allows for advanced security features and flexible account management.

Website Hosting

  • Reliable Uptime: Ensures continuous online presence with minimal downtime.
  • Enhanced Security: Utilises modern technologies for robust protection against threats.
  • Cost-Effective: Includes free email and web hosting for the first year, saving initial costs.

Website Domain

  • Authoritative Identity: Secures a professional ( domain that resonates with the UK market.
  • Credibility: Builds trust with professional email addresses linked to the business domain.
  • Search Engine Advantage: A well-chosen domain can positively impact search engine rankings.


  • Increased Visibility: Drives more organic traffic by enhancing search engine rankings.
  • Targeted Reach: Reaches specific audiences looking for relevant products or services.
  • Long-Term Growth: Establishes a sustainable presence online, building momentum over time.

Payment Flexibility

  • Cash Flow Management: Monthly payments align with budget constraints and facilitate smoother financial planning.
  • Choice of Commitment: Options for one-off or monthly payments accommodate varying business needs and preferences.
  • Accessibility: Makes professional services accessible to businesses of all sizes, including startups.

Embark with Bird: Tailored Pay Monthly Websites

Explore the cutting-edge principles of modern business technology with Bird’s tailored solutions. Our Pay monthly websites & business start up plans take your enterprise on a transformative journey, promising growth, sustainability, and excellence. Whether you opt for a one-off payment or embrace our flexible monthly payment scheme, our commitment remains steadfast in guiding your business to new horizons.

Website Packages

Like a phone contract, but for websites.

£99/ month
  • One Page Website
  • One Custom Email Address
  • Add Extra Pages £29
  • Free Hosting
  • Fresh Design Every 24 Months
  • Contract Length: 24 Months
  • Website Design with Content
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Option to Spread the Cost Monthly
£149/ month
  • Five Page Website
  • Three Custom Email Address
  • Bolt on Extra Pages
  • Add Extra Pages £19
  • Free Hosting
  • Fresh Design Every 24 Months
  • Contract Length: 24 Months
  • Website Design with Content
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Option to Spread the Cost Monthly
£199/ month
  • Five Page Website
  • Product Catalogue
  • Shop Functionality
  • Three Custom Email Address
  • Bolt on Extra Pages
  • Add Extra Pages £19
  • Free Hosting
  • Fresh Design Every 24 Months
  • Contract Length: 24 Months
  • Website Design with Content
  • Basic Search Engine Optimisation
  • Custom Domain Name
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Option to Spread the Cost Monthly
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Our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in us winning the prestigious Clutch Top Digital Agency Award.

By consistently delivering innovative solutions and driving client success, we were thrilled to earn the Good Firms Top Digital Agencies Award.

Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction led to our company being recognised with the Manifest Top Digital Agencies Award.

Our expertise in crafting effective B2B marketing strategies earned us the coveted Design Rush Best B2B Digital Marketing Agency Award.

Our team’s creativity and outstanding interactive solutions were recognised with a prestigious award from the Top Interactive Agencies, solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Bird’s Pay Monthly Websites: Start Your Business Success

Bird sets itself apart from other Web Design Agencies in the UK by offering a truly customer-centric experience, particularly for pay monthly websites for business startups.

  • Award-winning Pay Monthly Websites: Our accolades are a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation in creating flexible and affordable solutions for startups.
  • UK-based Team: Our experienced and dedicated team is entirely UK-based, ensuring a strong understanding of the local market and the unique needs of business startups.
  • Efficiency-Driven Processes: We utilise robust systems and processes that streamline project management and maximise productivity for pay monthly website plans.
  • Partnership-Driven Process: Fostering strong client relationships, we involve you in every stage of the project, aligning with your vision for your startup.
  • All-Encompassing Solutions for Startups: Our extensive service offering covers web design, development, SEO, content creation, and maintenance, specifically tailored for business startups, streamlining the process in one place.

If you’re looking to kickstart your business with pay monthly websites, choose Bird. Partner with a company that consistently delivers exceptional results for business startups, time and time again.


Featured case studies.

We always put our clients first to deliver our best time after time. Below is some of our proudest work.






Pay Monthly Websites: Benefits For You?

What We Can Cover

  • Web Design and Web Development
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Web Hosting
  • Website Support
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding and Graphic Design
  • UI/UX
  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Much more…
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Pay Monthly Websites VS with One-Time Payment Options

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Website tools & software

At Bird Marketing, we possess an arsenal of advanced website tools and software, combined with deep industry expertise, to elevate your firm’s web presence. Why not inquire about how we can enhance your digital footprint with a website solution that truly stands out?

meet the team .

Our Pay Monthly Websites team.

We take pride in employing the industry’s best Pay Monthly Websites experts, we’ve got every aspect of contemporary web design and creative design covered. From top-quality graphic design professionals to technical experts with advanced digital skills, our team can help.


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Senior Designer


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Account Director

Frequently Asked Web Design Questions

Explore common queries with our frequently asked web design questions, designed to address your concerns and guide you in making an informed decision.

Are the websites designed to be mobile-responsive?

Absolutely, our websites are crafted to be fully responsive, ensuring a seamless experience across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones.

Can I access any stock image from your library?

Our clients have access to our extensive library of professional stock images, enhancing the visual appeal of your marketing materials and website.

How is the domain name and email address chosen?

The domain name is carefully selected to align with your brand, and professional email addresses are crafted to represent your company’s identity.

Are there any hidden fees involved?

At Bird, transparency is paramount. There are no hidden fees. Any additional costs, outside the stipulated package, will be communicated and agreed upon beforehand.

What does basic SEO include, and what additional packages are available?

Basic SEO includes keyword optimisation and meta-tagging. Additional packages can further enhance your site’s visibility through advanced SEO strategies.

Can I switch between one-off payment and monthly payments?

Bird offers flexibility in payment options, allowing you to choose between one-off payment and Pay monthly websites, based on your business needs.

How are the services in the package tailored to my specific business needs?

Our experts engage with you to understand your unique business goals, customising the services in the package to align perfectly with your specific requirements.

What sets Bird apart from other providers?

Bird stands distinguished through our award-winning excellence, UK-based operations, ethical practices, and a tailored approach, offering unparalleled Pay monthly websites & business start up solutions.

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We offer exceptional services tailored to a wide range of businesses that want to improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing activities with discernible returns on investment. We aim to get back to all enquiries rapidly.

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