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We are Bird. A multi award winning Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Company. We are based in the UK with offices worldwide.

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PPC Company UK.

In the dynamic landscape of the modern economy, securing a robust online visibility is no longer a luxury, but an imperative. This is where Bird, a leading PPC Agency in the UK, can elevate your presence. Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, a tool of remarkable potency, provides an efficient avenue for enhancing digital presence, connecting with your ideal demographic, and fuelling conversions. Unlike organic search engine optimisation, PPC offers immediate results, strategically placing your organisation at the forefront of search engine results and in the line of sight of those actively seeking your services.

Google Ads

  • Excellent visibility as it allows access to a vast network, including Google Search, YouTube, and Gmail.
  • Precise targeting with options to reach audiences based on demographics, interests, and purchase intent.
  • Provides comprehensive insights and analytics for effective campaign management.

Bing Ads

  • Less competition than Google means potentially lower cost per click (CPC).
  • Allows you to reach an audience not covered by Google, including users of Microsoft products.
  • Integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Advertising’s suite of tools and analytics.

Amazon Ads

  • Direct access to a consumer base with high purchase intent, ideal for product sellers.
  • Amazon’s ad platform provides detailed product performance reports for improved decision making.
  • Utilises Amazon’s advanced AI for effective targeting and automated bidding.

Ecommerce PPC

  • Helps to drive targeted traffic to your online store quickly, supporting immediate sales.
  • Can boost brand visibility across various platforms where your potential customers are browsing.
  • Enables precise targeting, allowing you to reach consumers based on their purchase history, demographics, and interests.

PPC Consultancy

  • Leverages the expertise of PPC professionals to maximise the return on your ad spend.
  • Offers custom strategies tailored to your specific business needs and market dynamics.
  • Provides ongoing management and optimisation to improve your campaign performance over time.

Lead Generation

  • Facilitates business growth by driving quality leads to your sales pipeline.
  • Allows you to focus on your core business operations while experts handle lead generation.
  • Implements tracking and analytics to measure campaign effectiveness and optimise future strategies.

Harness the Power of PPC Services UK with Bird

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, the use of meticulously targeted keywords holds the key to effective PPC campaigns. Bird, a leading PPC company in the UK, leverages a deep understanding of keyword dynamics to deliver tailored PPC services designed to elevate your online presence and drive conversions.

UK PPC Locations

Bird’s award-winning PPC services extend across the UK, with a strong presence in key strategic locations, including Essex, London, and Glasgow, ensuring we are well-positioned to serve your business no matter where you are located.

PPC London

13 Austin Friars,
London, EC2N 2HE
0208 338 1206
[email protected]

PPC Essex

128a High Street,
Billericay, Essex, CM12 9XE
01277 286565
[email protected]

PPC Glasgow

30 Stanley Street,
Glasgow, G41 1JB
0141 471 9099
[email protected]

Other: Edinburgh, Liverpool, Manchester, Norfolk, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Blackpool, Southampton, Cornwall, Leeds, Hampshire, Belfast, Sheffield

Our team’s relentless pursuit of excellence resulted in us winning the prestigious Clutch Top Digital Agency Award.

By consistently delivering innovative solutions and driving client success, we were thrilled to earn the Good Firms Top Digital Agencies Award.

Our commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction led to our company being recognised with the Manifest Top Digital Agencies Award.

Our expertise in crafting effective B2B marketing strategies earned us the coveted Design Rush Best B2B Digital Marketing Agency Award.

Our team’s creativity and outstanding interactive solutions were recognised with a prestigious award from the Top Interactive Agencies, solidifying our position as industry leaders.

Bird: Your Choice for an Award-Winning PPC Company in the UK

In the fast-paced world of digital marketing, finding a trustworthy and competent partner is paramount. Bird stands as an award-winning PPC company in the UK, renowned for its dedication to driving efficiency and delivering results.

  • Proven Track Record: We have a proven track record of providing PPC services in the UK. Our expertise and dedication have led to many successful campaigns, solidifying our reputation in the industry.
  • Understanding Your Business: Every business is unique, and understanding this uniqueness is vital to creating effective PPC campaigns. We make it a priority to understand your business and its unique needs, ensuring our strategies are tailored specifically to you.
  • Team of Experts: At Bird, we have a team of highly experienced and certified PPC professionals. Our team’s knowledge and dedication make us a reliable partner for your PPC needs.
  • Full-Service Agency: We are a full-service PPC agency. From keyword research to ad creation, bid management, and performance tracking, we offer comprehensive PPC services that cater to your unique business needs.
  • Latest Technologies: We make use of the latest tools and technologies to design, implement, and manage your PPC campaigns. Our technical proficiency ensures you get the most out of your PPC campaigns.
  • Competitive Pricing: We understand that budget is a crucial factor for any business. Hence, we offer our premium PPC services at competitive rates, ensuring quality does not have to come at an exorbitant price.

Featured case studies.

We always put our clients first to deliver our best time after time. Below is some of our proudest work.






Comprehensive PPC Consultancy Services

What We Can Cover

  • Keyword Research
  • Ad Copywriting
  • Ad Design
  • Bid Management
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign Analysis
  • A/B Testing
  • Negative Keywords
  • Location and Demographic Targeting
  • Much more…

PPC vs SEO: Navigating Your Choices

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PPC tools & software

At Bird, as a pioneer in PPC digital marketing, we are dedicated to staying ahead of industry shifts, leveraging state-of-the-art PPC tools and software to meticulously track online behaviors and ensure our clients enjoy exceptional click-through advertising performance.

meet the team .

Our PPC team.

We take pride in employing the industry’s best PPC experts to ensure the success of your campaign.


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Account Director

Frequently Asked PPC Questions

Read some of our frequently asked PPC questions that often revolve around understanding the basics of PPC advertising, its cost, performance measurement, and ways to optimise campaigns for higher click-through and conversion rates.

What is PPC Advertising?

PPC, or Pay-Per-Click, is a model of digital advertising where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked. Essentially, it’s a method of buying visits to your site, rather than organically gaining those visits. PPC is commonly associated with first-tier search engines like Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads).

How Does PPC Advertising Work?

In PPC advertising, businesses run adverts and only pay when a user actually clicks on their advert. Advertisers can bid on keywords relevant to their business, and when users search for these keywords, the paid adverts may appear above organic search results. The highest bidders generally get top placement, but the quality of the advert and landing page also factor into ad placement.

How Can I Measure PPC Performance?

PPC performance can be measured using various metrics such as Click-through Rate (CTR), Quality Score, Conversion Rate, and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). These metrics can give you a good understanding of how well your adverts are performing, how many users are engaging with them, and whether they’re leading to the desired actions like purchases or sign-ups.

What is a Good Click-Through Rate (CTR) for PPC Adverts?

CTR can vary significantly based on industry, keywords, and the quality of the advert, among other factors. However, across all industries, the average CTR for a Google Ads search advert is about 1.91%. For display adverts, it’s typically lower, around 0.35%. If your CTR is significantly higher or lower than these averages, it could indicate issues or opportunities with your keywords, ad copy, or targeting.

Can PPC Improve SEO?

While PPC and SEO are separate strategies, they can complement each other. PPC can help you identify effective keywords that can be used to optimise your SEO efforts. Also, having both organic and paid search results appear for a keyword can increase overall visibility. However, PPC itself does not directly improve your site’s organic search rankings.

How Much Does PPC Advertising Cost?

The cost of PPC advertising varies widely depending on factors like the competitiveness of your industry, the keywords you’re bidding on, and your Quality Score. On Google Ads, the average cost-per-click (CPC) across all industries varies greatly, speak to our team for a better idea of the costs.

How Do I Start with PPC Advertising?

To start with PPC advertising, you first need to choose a platform, typically Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising. Next, you’ll need to identify your target keywords, set a budget, and create your ad copy and landing pages. Finally, you’ll bid on your chosen keywords and launch your campaign.

Are There Other Forms of PPC Apart From Search Adverts?

Yes, PPC is not limited to search adverts alone. Other forms include display adverts, which appear on affiliated websites, and shopping adverts, which feature products directly in search results. There are also video adverts on platforms like YouTube, and social media platforms often offer PPC advertising options as well.

How Often Should I Review and Adjust My PPC Campaigns?

PPC campaigns should be reviewed and adjusted regularly to ensure optimal performance. This can mean daily checks for large, active campaigns, or weekly to monthly reviews for smaller ones. Regular adjustments help improve your Quality Score, ensure your adverts are relevant, and maintain or reduce your cost per click.

How Can I Improve the Conversion Rate of My PPC Campaigns?

Improving conversion rates involves optimising your landing pages, creating compelling and relevant ad copy, using strong call-to-actions (CTAs), and testing different elements of your campaign. Additionally, utilising targeting options to reach the most relevant audience can improve the likelihood of conversions.

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