Website Design and Graphic Design for Home Insurance Repair Specialist

Project Overview

RepairRite, a customer-centric home insurance repair specialist, required a modern and dynamic website design to match their newly revamped logo. With a focus on serving as an intermediary for domestic insurance claims, RepairRite engaged our team to create an innovative website that showcased their services while utilizing a vibrant color palette and bold gradient elements. The challenge was to effectively convey their services, create unique pages for each offering, and guide users through the site with strategic design and calls-to-action (CTAs).

Project Highlights

  • Use brand colours
  • Highlight new logo
  • Implement brand gradient
  • Explain main services
  • Before & After comparisons
  • Effective CTA’s


Several key challenges were identified at the project’s outset:

  1. Cutting-Edge Design: Developing a new website that reflected the cutting-edge spirit of the new logo while maintaining a balance between innovation and user-friendliness.
  2. Service Presentation: Creating individual pages for each unique service offered by RepairRite, highlighting their expertise and solutions for various home insurance claims.
  3. Visual Engagement: Utilizing vibrant colors and bold gradients to create visual interest without overwhelming users, while also ensuring a cohesive and professional visual identity.
  4. User Guidance: Designing a user journey that directed visitors’ attention effectively, encouraging them to explore services and interact with strategic CTAs.


Our approach was comprehensive, blending design and functionality:

  1. Innovative Design Integration: We harnessed the innovative spirit of RepairRite’s new logo to craft a design that felt fresh and modern, aligning perfectly with their values.
  2. Service-Centric Pages: Each unique service was given its own dedicated page, allowing RepairRite to showcase their expertise while catering to specific client needs.
  3. Bold Gradient Elements: Bold gradients were strategically integrated to anchor various sections of the website, adding visual appeal and guiding users through the content.
  4. User-Focused Engagement: Clever use of blocking and negative space drew attention to the bold gradient sections, ensuring users could navigate effortlessly and focus on key information.
  5. Strategic CTAs: Flash cards were employed on the homepage, linking to individual service pages. Bite-sized text led users through the site, concluding with strategically placed CTAs to encourage conversions.






The Results

The collaboration with RepairRite led to the following achievements:

  1. Cutting-Edge Website: The redesigned website successfully mirrored RepairRite’s new logo, presenting them as an innovative and customer-focused home insurance repair specialist.
  2. Enhanced Service Showcase: Each service now had a dedicated page, enabling RepairRite to showcase their expertise across various aspects of home insurance claims.
  3. Visual Engagement Balance: The use of vibrant colors and bold gradients added visual interest without overwhelming users, creating an engaging and professional online presence.
  4. Guided User Journey: The strategic design elements led users through the website, effectively highlighting services and directing them to key CTAs.

In conclusion, the website redesign for RepairRite achieved a harmonious blend of innovative design and user-centered functionality. The outcome was a dynamic and visually appealing platform that not only showcased their range of services but also positioned RepairRite as a reliable partner for home insurance repairs, empowering customers with solutions and guidance.